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8 Reasons to Use Careful Cleaners

The benefits of dry cleaning are numerous and encompass many aspects of clothing care. Here are just a few!

Professional Alterations

Careful Cleaners offers the convenience of quick alterations. This service makes all your daily chores easier. Don’t sweat it; just have Careful Cleaners sew it and it will look just right!

Simple Repair

Speaking of simple repair, Careful Cleaners can re-attach a button as quickly as one-two-three. Don’t waste time and risk a possible needle poke trying to do it yourself.


Careful Cleaners is especially proud of the convenience of our service. Great locations, easy hours, and friendly staff are all great reasons to take advantage of our services.

Dry Cleaning
Prevent shrinkage and damage to your clothing. Dry cleaning itself is a process that breaks down soil and removes grease. This process keeps your favorite garments looking great and living longer.

When you leave your garments with us you can rest easy knowing that our specialists will take great care of your clothing.

More than Clothing

Careful Cleaners can clean much more than just clothing: Wedding dresses, formals, rugs, coats, even comforters. Give us a call and find out exactly how we can help clean and preserve your favorite textiles.

As You Like

We perform our cleaning services to your exact specifications. That’s our full service product – preparing your dry cleaned garments exactly to your specifications. Light starch? No starch? Just let us know.

Fabric Expertise

If you’re reading this blog, you no doubt know that there are gaggles of fabrics – from silk to angora, polyester, synthetic blends, it can be a little overwhelming. Our specialists are experts and know ahead of time if a fabric can be negatively affected by a treatment. This will save you time, money and headache.

Ties and other accouterments are often made of delicate materials and require special handling. We know and are ready!


This is just a short list of the benefits of our services. Stop by Careful Cleaners today to see what we can do to make your laundry tasks quick and easy!